Executives return our calls.  Unlike traditional recruiting agencies, our approach is targeted and personal.  By maintaining an expansive network of executives in a variety of industries, we are quick to fill positions, matching talent and skill set to positions effectively.  This is an important differentiator, as our intent is not simply to fill a position, but rather to ensure that the fit is appropriate for both the organization and the individual. 

Our process includes:

  • Conduct interviews with key internal stakeholders to understand desirable qualities in the ideal candidate
  • Review and revise job descriptions, as needed
  • Compensation advisement
  • Create and execute multifaceted recruitment strategy
  • Source and screen candidates, putting forth only the most qualified candidates who are a cultural fit
  • Facilitate interviews between the client and the candidates
  • Facilitate internal discussion to reach a conclusion on the best candidate
  • Negotiate compensation
  • Reference checks
  • Performance assessments¬†