Retained Searches

You’ll get a fixed price for the search. There is no commission model. We are effective because we know our candidates — either directly — or at the recommendation of those we do know and trust. This offers an unparalleled advantage in sourcing and placing the most qualified candidates, utilizing a highly effective process.

Performance Assessments

Sales and leadership assessments can be used as a candidate selection tool, and for employee coaching and development. 

Our assessments measure behaviors – which can be changed through coaching and training – and drivers, which can be understood to maximize employee performance and satisfaction.

Executive Coaching

We offer highly customized leadership and sales coaching for professionals at various levels – high potential individual contributors, experienced managers and seasoned executives.  Our process focuses on skill refinement for enhanced success.  

Position Descriptions

Crafting a job description that is transparent regarding expectations, and also appeals to candidates can be a delicate balance. Once we understand your ideal candidate profile, and the critical skills and attributes of a successful candidate, we can draft – or simply review and refine – a job description that aligns expectations for your firm and the applicant.

Reference Checks

Reference checks are a critical component of a successful placement.  We work with clients to craft quality questions that uncover potential issues, schedule the calls and conduct – solo or in conjunction with the hiring authority – quality and in-depth reference calls.